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Welcome to Crumble's By MV!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Welcome to Crumble's! My name is Marielle. I'm a self taught baker, cook, entrepreneur, and gardener. I've been cooking and baking for 10 years. I live in New Jersey on 5 acres of land with my parents and my two dogs, Rocky and Melucci. I am one out of six in my family and have six nieces and nephews! There is never a dull moment!

Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by homemade quality food and homemade wine (Yes...homemade wine!). My grandmother, who was from a small town in Italy, cooked meals that were so delicious, even the best five star restaurants could not achieve what she had made on a daily basis. My mother (who was basically an Italian cook convert) made Italian/ Mediterranean meals just as delicious as my grandmother's. However, I was never surrounded by baking, rather it was always cooking. What inspired me to bake was somewhat of a natural attraction. I started out when I was 18 years old with simple baked goods, muffins, pies, and loaf cakes.

As I achieved the basics, I would experiment with more complex recipes, breads, cakes, pastries, and cookies. I loved, and still love, baking unique desserts! I would love to bake desserts from around the around the world and sometimes I would find myself never trying out the classic American loved baked goods such as vanilla cake, sugar cookies, banana bread, and etc. I never even tried baking a classic chocolate chip cookie! A random day, I decided to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, since I've never made them before. As with every recipe, I make the recipe unique to me. I incorporate my own techniques and ingredients. I added three different chocolate chips in the cookie dough, semi-sweet, milk, and dark chocolate chunks for added texture. The incredibly chewy, chunky, and soft chocolate chip cookie that we've never had before!

Ever since the birth of my chocolate chip cookie, it has been a staple and constant request for every event. It has stolen the hearts of non-chocolate lovers and non-chocolate chip cookie lovers. The pickiest of the pickiest critics love these cookies. Since then, I've been experimenting with the many other cookie flavors with the foundation recipe of the Classic Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Even though I am of Italian heritage, I have to say, my favorite of all desserts are French desserts. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the French have mastered techniques and recipes that are world renowned. My French favorite recipe is the basic pastry cream. It is so versatile, delicious, and can be used with many flavors and baked goods!

My pledge to you is quality, natural, no added preservatives, and mouthwatering baked goods customized just for you and your family. Want something that's not on our menu? Not a problem! Just let us know your request and we'll work with you. At Crumble's, we're always open to customer suggestions, questions, and customization requests. Gluten Free options are also available upon request.

I hope you love our sweet treats at Crumble's. Every bite is made just for you!

Baked With Love,

Crumble's By Marielle V.

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