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Crumble's By MV Mascots

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Let's welcome our new mascots to Crumble's By MV; Rocky & Melucci! Rocky (left) is our 90 pound black lab that is as sweet and gentle as could be. His hobbies are sleeping, eating, running to his girlfriend's house next door, car rides, and playing with Melucci :). Our little five pounder on the right, Melucci (translation: little apple in Italian, she loves apples:) ) is a 2 year old shorkie! Don't let those eyes fool you; she's full of craziness lol. Her hobbies are playing with Rocky, taking toys from Rocky, sleeping in her pink fluffy bed, car rides, & cuddling.

Size does not mean a thing! Rocky & Melucci get along like milk & cookies and are irresistible! They play together, eat together, tease each other, & absolutely love each other. I couldn't think of anything better to be Crumble's By MV's mascot :).

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